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Get organised in 2018 with our Life Organiser

Make a new year’s resolution you can keep in 2018 with our Life Organiser.

There are three things most of us start January with; left-over turkey, an overflowing recycling bin and a set of New Year’s resolutions. All three start to look increasingly unattractive after the first week.

Top 3 New Year resolutions for 2017

1. Lose Weight / Healthier Eating (21.4%)
2. Life / Self-Improvements (12.3%)
3. Better Financial Decisions (8.5%)

Many find the new year a great opportunity to have a tidy up at home and get themselves organised.

So, what about getting your affairs in order and giving your family a helping hand after your death, as a new year’s resolution? One that could make a huge difference to you and your loved ones?

We are making it simple for you
While you may have thought about what will happen to your estate when you die, have you done anything to ensure your loved ones know exactly what they would need to sort out in this situation? There is the organisation of all your bank accounts, pensions, bills and what about your photos, music collections and even pets?

Getting all this information together can feel overwhelming, and it is often hard to know where to start. So, imagine how that would feel for your loved ones. While we may assume that those closest to us know us well enough to fill in our personal details, such as full name and date of birth, other information may be trickier for them to provide.

And don’t forget about computer logins, social media, email and other countless online accounts we use every day to manage our lives. While this information may be available by rifling through desk drawers, filing cabinets and notebooks, would it not be in your best interests to provide your loved ones with everything they need in one place?

The Osborne Morris & Morgan Life Organiser
A Life Organiser is a single document which provides an essential overview of all the information needed for your loved ones to correctly manage your affairs. Knowing they aren’t missing anything, also helps provides them with peace of mind.

This easy-to-complete document contains all the important information to help your family once you are gone and is divided up into the following areas:

• Personal information
• Household information
• Working life
• Vehicles
• Finances
• Credit cards & store accounts
• Investments
• Life insurance
• Income
• Pets
• Funeral wishes

Are you protecting your ‘Digital Legacy’?
The information we store online; our photos, films, music and social media accounts, all contribute to our digital legacies. It is vital to signpost all personal items stored online, so they are not lost forever.
Did you know that 75% of people don’t think to pass on their bank details? This can delay access to funds, and that’s ‘if’ the person dealing with your assets is even aware they exist. Many online accounts don’t come with paper statements, so if you don’t pass on the account information then your family may remain unaware of their existence.

The Osborne Morris & Morgan Life Organiser offers advice on a secure and easy way to pass on details of your digital legacy to your loved ones so that nothing is overlooked. Make a resolution you can keep this year. Get our Life Organiser pack and save your loved ones from stress and unnecessary difficulties at an already emotionally charged time.

We can make a difference

At Osborne Morris & Morgan, we understand how difficult these decisions and discussions can be. Our experienced advisors are always on hand to respond to any questions and are committed to providing long-term support.
Along with the preparation of fixed-fee Wills and FREE Life Organiser packs, our team can provide advice on protecting your digital legacy, inheritance tax and setting up trusts. We can also advise on how to deal with someone’s affairs after they have died.
Call us on 01525 378177 or visit us at our Leighton Buzzard office.

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